The long day closes

Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top.  Back on the good ship Winthorpe and we feel on top of the world – and the final photograph was taken from on top of a bridge – tenuous, I know.

It had been a long and busy day. The drive down the M6 starts well enough at the Carlisle junction but the further south you travel the busier it gets, the more likely the delays – it never disappoints.  Arriving at the boat is always a relief and once the car is unloaded. the bed made up, the kitchen stocked and the coffee made, life immediately takes on a gentler pace. It very quickly feels like home.

I don’t know what the next two weeks has in store but today the weather was near perfect. We took a slow walk along the towpath to Audlem as the long day closed in a soft April light:


The Shropshire Union

Bridge 79The Shropshire UnionThe Shropshire UnionOverwaterOverwater

As anyone familiar with the English canals will know, the grooves worn in the iron bridge guards are from the ropes of horse-drawn working boats – a tangible connection with a distant past.

There is a good wifi connection in the marina, hence this post.  It may be the last for some time.

(click on the images to enlarge)


  1. m.lever · April 19, 2014

    great work robin

    • northumbrianlight · April 19, 2014

      Many thanks – the slower pace of life definitely helps inspire 🙂

  2. redstuffdan · April 19, 2014

    Beautiful pictures soothing words – love this post as it makes me feel a little homesick – a rare thing these past few years.

    Have a great Holiday



    • northumbrianlight · April 19, 2014

      Many thanks Dan – take some consolation from the fact that these types of days are very rare in the UK.
      All the best

  3. dorothychiotti · April 19, 2014


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  5. LaVagabonde · April 19, 2014

    Love the flowers on the edge of the water. I enjoy learning about these relatively unknown (to us non-British) little corners of the UK.

    • northumbrianlight · April 19, 2014

      They always look better in the sunshine – it doesn’t happen too often 😦

  6. Cate Franklyn · April 19, 2014

    The second to the last shot made me swoon, just gorgeous. I can’t wait to see the next installment from this adventure.

    • northumbrianlight · April 20, 2014

      Many thanks Cate – the next installment may be a while coming due to very poor Internet connectivity.

  7. elisa ruland · April 22, 2014

    A fabulous walk, I love the shot of the water under the arch of the bridge. I was wondering about the groves, a symbol of hard work that has stood the test of time. Beautiful series!

    • northumbrianlight · May 2, 2014

      Many thanks Elisa – that day seems a long time ago now. Returned home last night – the grass needs cutting, hedges trimming, and massive online catch-up before we head off again. I should not complain 🙂

  8. Photography Journal Blog · April 25, 2014

    Beautiful photos, enjoy your time off-line, see you when you get back.

    • northumbrianlight · May 2, 2014

      Many thanks – it was a great trip and the weather was very kind for the UK. Now lots to catch up before we head off again – this is hard work 🙂

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