Today has dawned miserable again; a cold north easterly from Scandinavia has brought more rain and the threat of snow on high ground – we are on high ground, about 550 feet above the Tyne Valley.  To the south are views of Dilston, Slaley and the northern hills of County Durham.  In the foreground are Swallowship Hill and the woods that rise to the southern side of the valley.  This is the site of the Battle of Hexham, 15th August 1464 – “the last battle of the first chapter of the Wars of the Roses”.

On that long ago Tuesday (5th March 2013) with the promise of Spring in the air, we walked these woods and looked back across the valley to see our home looking south towards Swallowship; even the name holds promise.  Today there is just damp mist and no view at all, in either direction.

Swallowship Woods

Swallowship Woods

Swallowship Woods

Swallowship Woods

This is the view north from the lower eastern slopes of Swallowship Hill – to the right, off centre, Beaufront Castle can be seen towards the top of the ridge, shining in the Spring sun.  Our distant home at Beaufront Woodhead is a ‘half an inch’ up and left (click on the image to enlarge).

North towards Beaufront


  1. Mary Gilmartin · March 9, 2013

    Yes, the promise of Spring is in the air. Just be patient…

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