My earliest memory of the north east of England dates from 1963. My parents had booked their first foreign holiday – a week in the Solstrand Hotel at Os on the Hardangerfjord Fjord, Norway. The plan was to sail on Bergen Line’s MS Venus but the ship was out of commission so we were transferred to a flight from Newcastle, Woolsington.  Dad drove us across from Manchester in the sturdy Ford Consul which was stored for the week at a garage somewhere down the Coast Road (A1058).

As we gathered in the old terminal building (still used by the Northumbria Flying School) we were informed that due to the very foggy conditions we were to be transferred by bus back to Speke Airport, Liverpool (since renamed John Lennon) – more or less where we started from.  My first impression of Newcastle was of a dark, dank and inconveniently foggy place. These last three days have been a reminder of how cold air drifting in from the North Sea can effect the inland climate, even as far west as Hexham.

This is what passes for street life in downtown, misty Sandhoe:

Dark, dank and dismalDark, dank and dismalDismal

Despite the delays and the tortuous journey, Norway was magnificent and the sun shone throughout that too short week. I am hoping for a similar happy end to these misty days.

(click on the images to enlarge).


  1. littledogslaughed · March 31, 2014

    wonderful images-very moody and plenty of atmosphere!

    • northumbrianlight · April 1, 2014

      Many thanks – it is the same again this morning – we are in need of a change.

  2. Hanne T. Fisker · March 31, 2014

    Amazing shot, want to follow that road and see where it leads!

    • northumbrianlight · April 1, 2014

      Thanks Hanne – down the hill to the back gates of Beaufront Castle – it is a spooky road after dark.

      • Hanne T. Fisker · April 1, 2014

        Don’t mind spooky, it’s kind of intriguing, if it has a magic touch, which this seems to have! 🙂

  3. Tina Schell · March 31, 2014

    I’d call it moody and beautiful rather than somber!! Lovely captures – see – you made lemonade out of lemons!

    • northumbrianlight · April 1, 2014

      Many thanks Tine – I like that phrase – ‘lemonade out of lemons’ 🙂

  4. Cate Franklyn · April 1, 2014

    I have visions of the Headless Horseman, leering jack-o-lantern in hand, galloping at full speed through these dark misty roads. Wonderful shots!

    • northumbrianlight · April 1, 2014

      Thanks Cate, I like your imagination! I look forward to the arrival of Tim Burton and Johnny Depp 😉

  5. iosatel · April 1, 2014

    Excellent work!!!

  6. dorysworld · April 1, 2014

    How beautiful 🙂

    • northumbrianlight · April 1, 2014

      Thanks, it is a lovely part of the world but much better in sunshine.

  7. LaVagabonde · April 1, 2014

    Dismal, but beautiful. I’d like to walk down the road in that first photo.

  8. crazyguyinthailand · April 1, 2014

    Spooky and beautiful 🙂

    • northumbrianlight · April 1, 2014

      Spooky is exactly right – that road becomes very dark and eerie in the early evening. Thanks for passing by and taking the time to comment.

      • crazyguyinthailand · April 1, 2014

        I’m following you now so I hope to pass by more now 🙂

      • northumbrianlight · April 1, 2014

        Likewise 🙂

  9. easyweimaraner · April 1, 2014

    I like the images, it looks so quiet and reminds me a little of fall.

    • northumbrianlight · April 1, 2014

      Many thanks – it feels like the fall too – which is ok except it is April 😦

      • easyweimaraner · April 1, 2014

        Maybe the weather-guy thought we can skip summer, because it will be anyway a bad one? Like last year and the year before :o)

      • northumbrianlight · April 1, 2014

        The best policy is to listen carefully to the long range forecasts and then plan for the exact opposite 🙂

  10. Malin H · April 4, 2014

    I like these images so, so much…
    And your story… What a journey! 🙂

    Thank you for sharing, Robin (both story and these fantastic images in b&w).

    • northumbrianlight · April 4, 2014

      Thanks so much Malin – we are travelling these next few days so sorry if I miss some of your fabulous posts. Have a great weekend and I hope you are feeling good. R

      • Malin H · April 5, 2014

        You don’t have to be sorry, you are always there anyway. Have a nice travel and a great weekend.

        I’m okey and I hope you’re fine, Robin. See you!

  11. calmas5 · April 7, 2014

    great images…I can imagine being there!

    • northumbrianlight · April 8, 2014

      Many thanks, much appreciated. It has brightened up so being there would be much nicer 🙂

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