Travel theme: Flow

These photographs were taken a few weeks back on the Isle of Skye where the Ord River flows into Loch Eishort.  About two miles from the ferry at Armadale there is left turn at Kilbeg which takes you on a single-track detour through Tarskavaig, Tokavaig and Ord eventually re-emerging some 3 miles further north on the same Armadale to Broadford road.  These photographs were taken on the beach at Ord, the northernmost point of the diversion.

Ord River

Ord on SkyeThis second image was taken from the same beach looking north towards the small hamlet of Ord.  The drag of the tide is such that the pebbles on the beach appear to be flowing towards the sea (click on the images to enlarge).


  1. Tish Farrell · June 17, 2013

    Especially like the flowing stones. Wonderful shot all round with the faraway cottage.

  2. greenmackenzie · June 18, 2013

    Beautiful shots, of a beautiful part of Skye….it’s a lovely detour you took….the movement in the second shot is perfect 🙂 pulling us all back into the sea.

    • northumbrianlight · June 18, 2013

      Thanks – I agree it is a wonderful diversion. I am particularly envious of what looks like the Dualchas designed house hiding at the edge of the sea behind the rocks – a perfect location location location 🙂

  3. mark · June 30, 2013

    Hi, I myself am from Newcastle but living in the highlands in Inverness now. Just had to say that your photography is spectacular, I have been all round the west coast of Scotland and the Isle Of Skye and it is incredibly beautiful and your photographs do it justice. Thanks

    • northumbrianlight · June 30, 2013

      Thanks Mark for the very generous comments. I am very envious of where you live.

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