The Battlefield Line

The delight of the Ashby Canal is not only that the Triumph Factory and Museum nestle on its banks at Hinckley but also, not much further north along the towpath, is the Battlefield Line Railway.  A short stretch of rails that run north from Shenton to Shackerstone via Market Bosworth, more or less parallel with the canal.  To the east and ten minutes walk from Shenton Station is Bosworth Field and its Heritage Centre – The Battle of Bosworth Field (or Battle of Bosworth) was the last significant battle of the Wars of the Roses, the civil war between the Houses of Lancaster and York that extended across England in the latter half of the 15th century. Fought on 22 August 1485, the battle was won by the Lancastrians. Their leader Henry Tudor, Earl of Richmond, by his victory became the first English monarch of the Tudor dynasty. His opponent, Richard III, the last king of the House of York, was killed in the battle. Historians consider Bosworth Field to mark the end of the Plantagenet dynasty, making it a defining moment of English and Welsh history – Wiki – Battle of Bosworth Field.

The day was dark and damp which was entirely in keeping with a steamy outing.  My boyhood was spent hanging around once grand Victorian stations in search of trains and their numbers.  In the immediate post-war period these underfunded filthy cathedrals were a second home – the engines, the rolling stock, the buildings, the drivers and the firemen were all soot-blackened.  Rain, smog and the darkness were their perfect companions. This is what I remember, this is what I search for – judging by the volunteers of a certain age that run the Battlefield Railway, I am not alone:

5542 at Market Bosworth

5542 at Shenton

5542 at Market Bosworth

Paul, the ticket man

5542 at Shackerstone

5542 at Market Bosworth

Ticket Office at Market Bosworth

Waiting Room at Market Bosworth

Ticket Office, Shackerstone

The museum, Shackerstone


  1. Tish Farrell · October 14, 2018

    Splendid shots, Robin.

    • northumbrianlight · October 15, 2018

      Many thanks Tish – sorry for the lack of WordPress activity, I will get back to your blog as the days grow shorter. It has been a great but hectic summer. Trust all is well with you and yours, R

      • Tish Farrell · October 15, 2018

        I’ve missed you! But yes, we’ve had a great summer – much watering at the allotment though. Now is the time of making compost heaps!

      • northumbrianlight · October 15, 2018

        Thanks Tish, it’s nice to be missed 🙂

  2. J.D. Riso · November 9, 2018

    Such wonderfully nostalgic images, Robin. Good to see you posting again, but I’ve been on a break, too, so getting to this a little late. Hope you’re having a delightful autumn, my friend.

    • northumbrianlight · November 10, 2018

      Many thanks Julie – good to hear from you again – I trust your break was everything you wanted it to be. All the best, R

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