The Road to Nowhere

Travel theme: Dry – Everywhere in Northumberland is saturated but we should not complain, compared to the Somerset Levels and elsewhere, we are having it easy.  The only ‘dry’ image I could come up with was taken on the road between Fenwick and Matfen on Sunday morning.  The tarmac is damp but there are dry patches developing on the right:

The only 'dry' there is

Look into the fields and they are awash.  This is the view east from the narrow, private road that leads out to Fenwick Grange:


From Fenwick Grange a bridlepath leads back to Matfen – this is mud from beginning to end. We encountered several mountain bike riders along this stretch and they were all dismounted, it was easier on foot – one is just visible in the distance (click on the images to enlarge):

The bridlepath


  1. Tish Farrell · February 4, 2014

    These are wonderful shots, Robin. Especially the first one. That dark straight (dryish) road carries you off whether you want to go or not. Making me think of Alan Garner once more. BTW have you read his Boneland set in and around Jodrell Bank? A brief but disturbing read.

    • northumbrianlight · February 4, 2014

      Thanks Tish – I haven’t but I will acquire a copy – it is always interesting to read stories set in places you know well.

      • Tish Farrell · February 4, 2014

        I should say it’s a pretty strange book; despite the details of landscape which are plentiful, it’s often hard to know what reality you’re in. It picks up where Susan got lost in the Moon of Gomrath; Colin is a scientist and still looking for her. It’s an exploration into mental illness – or what gets labelled as such.

  2. meticulousmick · February 4, 2014

    Love the musician dthe images….Stay dry 💦

    • northumbrianlight · February 4, 2014

      Thanks – I tried that for January but I am addicted to Magners 🙂

  3. suej · February 4, 2014

    Love that first image, especially. And I agree with Tish that there is something of the Alan Garner about these images…. And I would recommend Boneland, great read.

    • northumbrianlight · February 4, 2014

      Many thanks Sue – I will be acquiring a copy very soon.

      • suej · February 4, 2014


  4. RobynG · February 4, 2014

    Sometimes it’s nice to go nowhere! 😉 Great images!

    • northumbrianlight · February 4, 2014

      It is – “We’re busy going nowhere
      Isn’t it just a crime
      We’d like to be unhappy, but
      We never do have the time”
      Many thanks and all the best R 🙂

  5. Cate Franklyn · February 4, 2014

    Great shots and the second one is my favorite!

    • northumbrianlight · February 4, 2014

      Many thanks Cate, mine too – don’t think the farmer likes it though 🙂

  6. LaVagabonde · February 4, 2014

    Fantastic shots, Robin. The one of the road…wow. Into the horizon and over the edge.

    • northumbrianlight · February 4, 2014

      Thanks Julie – I like that, a promotional shot for the Flat Earth Society 🙂

  7. Graham Stephen · February 4, 2014

    liking the top image a lot. lovely perspective.

  8. restlessjo · February 5, 2014

    Love this track, Robin. I was singing away before I even got to the video link 🙂
    That first shot looks incredible in black and white. I can just imagine you crouched down taking it- luckily no tractors about that day! You really should come south, Robin. It’s dry (relatively) down here, honestly!

    • northumbrianlight · February 5, 2014

      Thanks Jo – we should head south but I live in fear of being dragged into the shopping outlet at Hartlepool Marina 😦

      • restlessjo · February 5, 2014

        That’d only take half hour, Robin! You could go in the Black Olive and have soup and dumpling while the missus browsed 🙂

      • northumbrianlight · February 5, 2014

        That sounds like a grand plan 🙂

  9. Photography Journal Blog · February 5, 2014

    I really like that second photo.

  10. colincurlewcott · February 5, 2014

    Late with this SR, but thanks for the TH link. Your images inspire as always, but the audio took me back almost thirty years to royally pi##ing off my neighbours in Saudi by playing Psycho Killer as part of my “set” when nominated as DJ for the pool-side parties! Great times.

    • northumbrianlight · February 6, 2014

      That sounds fantastic Sir C – TH at full blast in the Saudi heat. Would like to have seen and heard that – would love to be there right now! (trying to think how I might build a post around Psycho KIller – could be tricky 🙂 )

  11. Malin H · February 8, 2014

    1. Nice post!
    2. I love the images!
    3. I will have this song in my head the rest of the day 😉

    Have a nice weekend, Robin.

  12. Mélanie · February 10, 2014

    I’ve loved Talking Heads from their very beginning… I also used this song for a post last year! 🙂
    Scottish Dave Byrne was in Paris a few months ago: he’s 62 and hasn’t changed much, just grey hair and same voice! 🙂
    * * *
    Have a positive day and a serene week! amicalement & cheers, Mélanie

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