Cruel sport

For years they have ignored me, now they want to be friends.  It started as an innocent discovery – I was walking to the end of our driveway to put rubbish in the bin.  It was carried in a stiff plastic bag which crackles in the wind and this sound must share the same properties as the bags used by the local farmer to carry their feed. This sudden friendship feels a little sinister, like something from the mind of Guillermo del Toro (his Pan’s Labyrinth period)  – click on the image to get the full cinematic effect:

Sheep selfieI can now summon them from across the field at will but of course it all ends in disappointment – it is a cruel sport:

Travel theme: Wild

This post could be more accurately entitled Messing with Vine.  Since I downloaded the app to my iPod Touch I have been taking short movies of the inquisitive neighbours, a herd of restless bullocks in the adjacent field – turn on the sound and you will hear that one of them is quite vocal:

They don’t seem particularly wild but they do get annoyed when I try to stop them from consuming my hedge.  So in the spirit of this week’s theme I travelled a little further, to the front garden, and shot some wildflowers dancing on the wind.

I appreciate this is not Oscar material but I am thinking about entering the Turner Prize. Vine is a passing fad, I am sure I will get over it :-).  Click on the image if they stop moving/looping and/or run your mouse over the blank image if nothing appears – it seems a bit flaky at the moment.