Travel theme: Short

This mildly disturbing photograph was taken at Giusti Giardino, Verona.  I was fortunate enough to snatch a few images from someone else’s photo shoot; catching the models off guard being potentially more interesting than the professionally posed versions.  I promise this owes nothing to Photoshop but there are more models in this photograph than at first seems apparent – four in costume and one small walk-on part by a short, naked, bit-part player. Continuing my recent ‘Do you see what I see theme, can you spot the uninvited guest appearance from the Addams Family member?  Click on the image to enlarge and get the full effect:

Giusti Giardino

Meanwhile, in the centre of Verona, the ever-vigilant local policeman takes a short break prior to an imminent arrest, handcuffs at the ready:

Verona policeman