Lovin’ Summer

Weekly Photo Challenge:  Summer lovin’.  Thus far it has been a fabulous summer in Northumberland and fortunately we have no plans to go anywhere until the Autumn – what is the point when we live in this glorious county.

This was my summer lovin’ week in Northumberland:

Sunday – heavy rain overnight but the skies are clear:


Monday – temperatures are rising and it is becoming almost ‘too darn hot‘:

Too darn hot ...

Tuesday – an evening walk along the Tyne at Corbridge – it is looking low:

The Tyne

Wednesday – remember this heat in the bleak, dark December days:

Corbridge summer

Thursday – a view across a sweltering county from Hedley on the Hill:

Under a blazing sun

Friday – There is talk on the local news of the heat damaging road surfaces – can’t resist it can they – no good news without the obligatory bad.  This one seems to be holding together:

Unwinding road

Saturday – sailing through Kielder Forest:


(click on the images to enlarge)

Along the Tyne

I am on rations; I have been told that I have been eating and drinking far too much over the festive period but I know this to be completely untrue.  It is a well-known fact that around the winter solstice, trousers shrink and only begin to expand again as the light returns. Consequently, in order to stretch my clothes, we embarked on a long walk around Corbridge and Riding Mill along the banks of the Tyne.  It seems to have worked, I am sitting much more comfortably; I think I will reward my scientific endeavours with another mince pie 🙂

Happy New Year all!

Near Riding MillNear CorbridgeStyford HallRiding MillOld farm buildingsHowden Dene in the distanceWe picked up the Tyne at Corbridge heading east towards Newcastle and leaving the river at Riding Mill Station opposite Styford Hall; the return route was along the A695 (click on the images to enlarge).