Cathedral St Pierre

I thought I had been to Vannes before but when we arrived I didn’t recognise any of it – I am not sure what that might indicate.  For certain, I have never entered Cathedral St Pierre before which is unusual; I am always attracted to the grand churches and cathedrals of Europe. This is not based on any inherent religiosity but because they offer sanctuary, although probably not of the sort intended.  I like their cool shadows, the bible-black silence and there is always something of interest – none are the same. Most of all they are an escape from shoe shops, leather goods and all those places that appeal to the beloved, a girl born to shop.

The Fuji X100s sees in the dark and therefore avoids use of an intrusive flash (and the resulting harsh shadows) – all of the the indoor images were shot at ISO 6400.

The doors Reflections Table and text Looking to the light

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