Weekly Photo Challenge: Let there be Light

Let there be light under this cold November sky because without it, these solar panels are just ornamental. Installed quite recently on a brown field site just outside Hexham, the panels track the movement of the sun thereby producing up to 45% more yield compared with fixed-mounted PV installations. Strangely, Google throws up no information on this particular project so I have no idea of the total site yield, nor who benefits – maybe it just feeds into the National Grid.  The site is dual purpose – solar panels and around their base, self-storage units – an odd, if imaginative combination.  I notice that the entire installation is under 24-hour camera surveillance; I trust nothing untoward happens in the near future or I can expect a call from the men in blue:

Solar panelSolar panelSolar panelSolar panel

(click on the images to enlarge).  Anyone familiar with Hexham will recognise the iconic column of steam in the last image; it is rising from the Egger plant and drifting east down the Tyne Valley.  It is such a constant that it provides a handy daylight reference for small aircraft approaching Newcastle Airport from the west.

Following Susan Judd’s fine example, this is a combined Weekly Photo Challenge: Let there be Light & Travel Theme: Sky