Photography at the Pole

I ventured further yesterday – the sun came out so I made it to the bottom of the drive.  These photos were taken with a six metre pole and a remote control shutter.  Unfortunately I have yet to acquire a camera with a wireless Live View connection so it is a bit like fishing – you cast your pole, fire the shutter and you only see what’s on the end of the line when you retrieve the hook/camera.  It resembles fishing in other ways too e.g. not something to be attempted near high voltage overhead cables nor when there is lightning in the air.

The local council have done a good job at keeping the roads clear but this is only part of our problem.  It is wonderful to have open views from the house but when it snows with a north east wind there is the potential for the entire contents of the field to be deposited in our drive.  The extremes have not occurred on this occasion but it will still be some time before we can get my wife’s car out – mine, with its ‘very sensible’ rear wheel drive and ultra-wide low profile tyres is probably stuck there until August.

Pole photographyPole photographyPole photographyPole photography

This is my 100th post – oddly addictive for something which I only started out of curiosity.