Travel theme: Pale

Travel theme: Pale:  These photographs were taken at Arisaig on the west coast of Scotland; the pale evening sky is still lit by a sun which has only recently dipped beneath the horizon.  A version of one of these images appears in the rotating header of this blog so will be familiar to some.

If I could paint I would paint this; if I could be anywhere else right now, I would be at Arisaig……or Plockton or Applecross or Achiltibuie – I’m easy, anywhere under these skies:

Arisaig Arisaig Arisaig

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Traigh Golf Course

Traigh has to be the most spectacular location for a golf course anywhere in the world.  I am on a mission (more about that later) which takes me to some wild and wonderful places and this is the best so far.  It helped that on the day I played the sun shone, the wind was still and the tide fell back to reveal golden sands.  I don’t know what I did to deserve that day but it must have been something very good.Image