More Autumn colours

PZO Copy StandMany years ago, long before the advent of scanners and digital photography, a good friend asked me to reproduce a set of postcards.  As a reward for this task I was given one of these – a PZO Warszawa UR 9711 Copy Stand – a device so rare that Google has never heard of it.  This is a large and serious piece of Polish engineering which seems designed to withstand nuclear attack; it is built to last. Originally intended as a ‘flatbed’ copier, it is also very good at lighting 3 dimensional objects – maybe the pros still use similar things. Once assembled I grabbed the first thing I could find and started experimenting; by happy coincidence they are autumn colours:

Indoor autumn colours

I have been cooped up for too many days and in danger of developing cabin fever (and digging more antiques out of the loft – I will not be popular).  Late afternoon I was urgently in need of some fresh air so I tramped across the adjacent field, hopeful of some spectacular light; it was not to be as a bank of cloud rolled in across the setting sun. The wind has compensated by providing a solid blanket of leaves – more autumn colours:More Autumn colours(click on the images to enlarge)