Royal Flying Corps

This is a collage of my grandfather’s Royal Flying Corps memorabilia. As outlined in previous posts, Fred was stationed at the RFC Training School, Aboukir, Egypt from 1915 to 1918.  In this photograph he is dressed in a desert uniform for a postcard which is inscribed: “Best love to all [at] home”.  This is surrounded by two of his RFC badges, his stripes, his 1919 release papers from Fovant and some basic anti-personnel devices which were simply thrown over the side of the aircraft cockpit:


There were some requests from an earlier post to see more of the copying stand. The PZO UR 9711 is still resident on the dining room table only this time the mounted camera is connected by wifi to an iPad such that I can see the picture, focus and fire the shutter remotely (rather than climb on the wobbly pew to look through the viewfinder 🙂 ). All a bit over-engineered for the task but the real benefits of the wifi connection will arise when the camera is mounted on a six metre pole – it removes the need for guesswork:

UR 9711

More Autumn colours

PZO Copy StandMany years ago, long before the advent of scanners and digital photography, a good friend asked me to reproduce a set of postcards.  As a reward for this task I was given one of these – a PZO Warszawa UR 9711 Copy Stand – a device so rare that Google has never heard of it.  This is a large and serious piece of Polish engineering which seems designed to withstand nuclear attack; it is built to last. Originally intended as a ‘flatbed’ copier, it is also very good at lighting 3 dimensional objects – maybe the pros still use similar things. Once assembled I grabbed the first thing I could find and started experimenting; by happy coincidence they are autumn colours:

Indoor autumn colours

I have been cooped up for too many days and in danger of developing cabin fever (and digging more antiques out of the loft – I will not be popular).  Late afternoon I was urgently in need of some fresh air so I tramped across the adjacent field, hopeful of some spectacular light; it was not to be as a bank of cloud rolled in across the setting sun. The wind has compensated by providing a solid blanket of leaves – more autumn colours:More Autumn colours(click on the images to enlarge)