The unavailability of an Internet connection on large parts of Britain’s waterways has turned me to drink. It is only from pubs and restaurants that I can get access to a usable wifi connection (O2’s rural 3G coverage is hopeless).  The exception was Braunston where we were moored opposite The Boathouse and we didn’t need to leave the comfort of the boat 🙂

Braunston is a Northamptonshire village which thrived on its position at the junction of the Oxford and Grand Union canals for over 150 years.  It continues to do well from the waterways even if the traffic is now pleasure based rather than commercial. The village sits on a hill above the canals as does its iconic church, the Cathedral of the Canals.

These are some ‘postcards’ from the early part of the journey, a trip which will take us from Crick back to Overwater.  The last of the images was our mooring at Hungerfield last Friday. Some 79 locks will eventually deliver us to Audlem.

(currently moored at Penkridge on the Staffs and Worcester)

... the Oxford and Grand Union junction, Braunston
... the Oxford and Grand Union canals meeting at Braunston
Oakmere ...Oakmere ...
Hungerfield ...

Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

This is the quarter mile long Newbold Tunnel on the Oxford Canal, strangely illuminated to reveal the brickwork first erected in 1820:

Newbold Tunnel

And now for something completely different – she is illuminated but casts no shadow………………

SpookySpooky and almost certainly wicked, thus proving that illumination by the sun is not confined to the righteous 🙂