Travel theme: Mountains

I have written elsewhere on the photographic limitations of travelling by train.  On a recent journey along the West Highland Line we passed mountain after mountain lit up by a bright low winter sun – all of them inaccessible to my Nikkor lens through a dirty railway carriage window.  The only solution was to hop off the train when it stopped – I did this but once at Crianlarich as it nearly gave me heart failure :-).  I was still on the platform when the doors closed and the carriages started moving, fortunately only a few feet – they were decoupling two carriages – the front half of the train heading for Oban and the rear half for Fort William.  These are the results of my brief foray; fortunately they have snowy mountains as their backdrop thereby almost making the heartache worthwhile (click on the images to enlarge).

Crianlarich StationCrianlarich Station