Ness Walk

Travel theme: Romance – Here is a romantic notion – Nessie deserted the Loch years ago, disgruntled by the media attention.  Making her way north she finally washed up on the Ness Islands just to the south of Inverness town centre:


More romantic perhaps is that we were there for Valentine’s day. I have travelled the A9 on many occasions by car and have always liked the idea of the train journey which follows the road to Inverness for much of its path. On a couple of occasions I drove north in deep winter, en route to Dounreay, but the worst I had to contend with was black ice. We chose the right day to travel by train – last week there were blizzards near Dalwhinnie and the road was blocked in both directions by jack-knifed lorries. Some drivers were in for a long cold night. The train continued serenely on its way and on time. The next day we would see McGoldrick, McCusker & Doyle at Eden Court but not before we had done the walk to Ness Islands:

The River NessBench sculpture

The weather was foul throughout the three days, even the seagulls preferred dry land; this one seems to have expressed an opinion about it all. The the local fishermen are made of sterner stuff:

Sterner stuff

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The wet walk was invigorating, the train ride wonderful but the undoubted highlight was McGoldrick, McCusker & Doyle.  First class musicians in a first class setting with guest appearances by Julie Fowlis and Eamon Doorley. Music to make grown men cry: