According to Wiki:  Kippford is a small village along the Solway coast, in the historical county of Kirkcudbrightshire in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland.

It is home to the most expensive properties in Dumfries & Galloway and is known as the Solway Riviera.  Well that’s news to me.  Riviera or not, it was surprisingly quiet even during Scottish schools’ half-term week.

Spend a few years on WordPress and there is the risk that posts become repetitive – the last time I was here was August 2014, staying overnight for golf at Colvend.  Four years on not much has changed – I am staying for two nights for three rounds of golf at Lochmaben, Cally Palace and Dumfries & Galloway.  More of the same sums up everything.

This time however, it was later in the year and the sun lower in the early evening sky.  The ‘Riviera‘ was lit with a golden light, captured on a Fuji X100F – last time it was the X100S – like I say, more of the same:

Staring into the light

On the jetty

The jetty, Kippford

Mudflats, Kippford

Reflected light, Kippford

From the far end of Kippford

Gemini at low tide

Kingdom of Rust

Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture.  This last week I had an overnight stay in Dumfries & Galloway after a less than impressive performance at Colvend’s Open.  An evening amble along the coast helped put things in perspective.

Kippford overlooks Urr Water not far from where it flows into the Solway Firth.  The road through the village runs out at The Ark as it becomes single track access for the string of houses that hug the shore.  A few hundred yards along this track there is a series of art works created from driftwood and found objects. Down on the beach is this weathered installation which is all about texture – you know exactly how these surfaces feel without the need for touch:

Texture Texture

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