Inside Gardens

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside & Travel theme: Gardens – I confess I stole the idea of combining the two challenges from Canoe Communications.  My immediate thought was Kew which we visited in blazing June last year.  This is the iconic Palm House:

Palm House

This second image is from the the Incredible Edible Tea Party which was outside the Palm House, rather than inside:

Tea Party

I am a reluctant gardener. I do it to keep the place looking tidy – around this time of year I get vaguely depressed as the grass starts to grow again. Give me a well-turned, well-polished exhaust pipe any day 🙂

(click on the images to enlarge)

Travel theme: Simplicity

This is the Santa Cruz Water Lily, taken in the purpose-built greenhouse at Kew Gardens – hence the strong shadows from the glass roof.  It is usually found on the lakes and backwaters of the Amazon River but the 65 south circular bus service doesn’t go quite that far.  I was inspired to post this by Tina Schell’s excellent impressionistic photograph of lily pads at Travels and Trifles.

I would guess these examples are about four to five feet across – you get a better impression of their size in the second photograph.  The Santa Cruz variety is a clever plant – it grows with a dent on the rim edge such that in the event of heavy rain the water will drain off and not submerge the pad; in many ways anything but simple.

Santa Cruz Water LilySanta Cruz Water Lily(click on images to enlarge)

Travel theme: Peaceful II

I thought I would give this week’s travel theme another go as I wasn’t entirely convinced by my earlier claim that an event taking place in the middle of Trafalgar Square could really be called ‘peaceful’.  This second attempt was taken from the southern banks of the Thames between Kew and Richmond, looking north across the river on one of the warmest London days this year.  The sugar pink walls, the watery reflections and the curtains drawn against the bright summer sun suggests quiet peaceful afternoons – Tales of the Riverbank brought back to life as a Canada Goose (Branta canadensis) climbs the steps for a closer inspection.

The building appears to sit within the grounds of Syon Park, home to the Duke of Northumberland:

Travel theme: Peaceful(to enlarge, click on the image)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting

The sun shines brightly through the window laying fleeting patterns across the floor; a cloud passes across the face of the sun and the patterns are gone:


This is the floor of the Kew Palace kitchens taken yesterday, 6th June.  In the main kitchen the images of hands preparing food are projected onto the tables creating the fleeting illusion of long gone cooks at work.