Max Headroom

Weekly Photo Challenge: Room – I have used a similar image to this once before but regardless of the repetition, when I get an idea in my head, I find it hard to dislodge.  These heads hang in the East Court, a magnificent exhibition space within the Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum in Glasgow. There is maximum head room as East Court is open to the ceiling, the atrium space being surrounded by the Picture Promenade, the gallery where this image was taken.

Max Headroom

These heads and this space reminded me of something, and suddenly it came to me – Max Headroom – the World’s first computer-generated TV host.
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Talking Heads

We had gone to the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum to see the Jack Vettriano Retrospective.  He has his critics but I love his paintings – they are accessible, instantly recognisable and memorable.  Some of his images have suffered from over-exposure and in the way that popular music can lose its edge after the 500th time of placing the needle on the record (metaphorically), the same can apply to the visual arts.  The great thing about this exhibition was that there was so much I had not seen before, so much to appreciate for the first time. By helpful symmetry, many of his paintings take their inspiration from song lyrics and titles.

Fifty years ago the album With the Beatles was released, by dreadful coincidence, on the same day as JFK’s assassination; that 1963 Christmas, the album was under the tree.  I played it endlessly and despite the mono sound and the monochrome album cover, the coloured lights came on and have stayed on ever since; as an exception to prove the rule, the tracks remain as fresh as they ever were – “the same as it ever was”.

David Byrne was born twenty miles west of Glasgow in Dumbarton; a boy of a similar age, I imagine him listening to the same music that long ago December (although by then he was living in Maryland):Talking Heads

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(The Kelvingrove installation is better known as the Hanging Heads but I will conveniently ignore that).

Bad Company

I guess this could be an entry in this week’s Travel Theme: Symbol, but I am not certain what Elvis symbolises – I prefer to call it The Good Lady in Bad Company.

We escaped to Glasgow for a couple of days with the prime purpose of getting the sensor on my D600 cleaned, this being our nearest Nikon Service Centre.  It would have been easier to put it in the post but then we would have missed out on an excuse for a few days in this grand city. I have never spent any time here before, just quick business trips in and out, mostly on the same day. It is a wonderful place where we made some delightful discoveries – more posts will follow:

Pam meets Elvis