Inside Gardens

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside & Travel theme: Gardens – I confess I stole the idea of combining the two challenges from Canoe Communications.  My immediate thought was Kew which we visited in blazing June last year.  This is the iconic Palm House:

Palm House

This second image is from the the Incredible Edible Tea Party which was outside the Palm House, rather than inside:

Tea Party

I am a reluctant gardener. I do it to keep the place looking tidy – around this time of year I get vaguely depressed as the grass starts to grow again. Give me a well-turned, well-polished exhaust pipe any day 🙂

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

Following on from an earlier post, these are a couple of photographs of the Beloved’s innards.  The weather has been dire these last few days so anything that keeps me occupied inside is welcome:

Elise 135 Series 1 Elise 135 Series 1

Continuing broadly along the same theme, the movie Rush has just been released in the UK, the story of the 1976 F1 Championship fought out between James Hunt and Niki Lauda. There was a time when getting ‘inside the ropes’ at F1 was open to everyone prepared to fork out a few shillings for a paddock pass. This provided the opportunity to photograph cars and drivers ‘up close and personal’, limited only by my ability to afford the necessary rolls of Tri-X Pan. This is Niki Lauda as I prefer to remember him, before the ravages of time and fire took hold – still a young lad finding his way:

Niki Lauda(click on images to enlarge)