It was twenty years ago today …

… Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play.

Well, much longer than that but, it was twenty years ago today that we moved into our converted farm buildings.  Things have changed since those long ago days but, we remain the same 🙂

The first image was our first sight of the buildings which now comprise our home and the second image is Pam standing in what is now our main bedroom:

The Old Barn ... The Byre ...

These images were taken on moving in day, 4th March 1995:

The Old Barn ... The Old Barn ...
And these were taken this morning – twenty years later, 4th March 2015. Like the man says, things have changed:

The Old Barn ... The Old Barn ...


Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective – the Military Road follows Hadrian’s Wall from Heddon on the Wall to Greenhead.  For much of its length it as arrow straight. On its northern side, just beyond the Errington Arms at Stagshaw roundabout, sits this fine hemmel (it is about a mile east from here – it is also clearly visible on Google Street View).

Northumberland is a vast, wild landscape north of the Military Road. The county is almost empty all the way to the Scottish Borders – you must travel many miles north again before this wildness returns.

This building adds scale to the emptiness and puts the distances in perspective:

The Hemmel

(click on the image to enlarge)

I want it to be known that I suffer for my ‘art’ 🙂  Having taken a steaming hot shower I then went out on the motorbike + camera when the wind chill factor must have been somewhere near zero degrees – not a good idea. I am still not entirely recovered 24 hours later 😦