I have been waiting for this for a while.  Driving up from Hexham, tell-tale dust was blowing across the road.  Armed with the X-Pro2 and the Fujinon 18-55mm zoom I was back to the field in minutes hoping to catch a monster in action.  It did not disappoint – a Claas harvester was lumbering around in ever-decreasing circles throwing up vast dust clouds to confuse the enemy.

It was a super-heated afternoon with a hot sun piercing high dark clouds – it was very ominous.  Within an hour biblical rain was falling on Hexham, the harvester and all souls beneath.  It seemed unlikely that the harvest has been completed in time and, sure enough, this morning there was still a large patch of uncut oilseed rape and an abandoned combine harvester.  The dust in the air had been replaced by expletives:

Will I see you give more than I can take

Will I only harvest some?

As the days fly passed

Will we lose our grasp

Or fuse it in the sun.

Postscript – Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways

We walked up to Beaufront Hill Head again on Thursday and the change from the previous week was dramatic.  The sun was hidden by a blanket of cloud and the barley had been harvested – it felt like the year was on the turn – one shot, more ways:Beaufront Hill Head

Beaufront Hill Head

(Apologies to Tina Schell who had asked to see colour versions of the previous post – I tried but they lacked any drama – so here are some even gloomier versions :-))