Great Golf Holes of the North

Well, it has appeared in today’s Newcastle Journal but the reproduction on newsprint is always disappointing.  The original shows quite a lot of detail through the mist and into Acomb on the other side of the Tyne Valley – most of this has disappeared.  Maybe I am too critical – here are the two versions for comparison:

Fine words Norman.  Actually the image above suffers some more by being scanned, so the comparison is not entirely valid.  Anyway, this is as nature/Photoshop intended:

In fairness to the Journal, the online version is almost identical apart from some injudicious tree felling:

Allendale Golf Club and the 17th next!

Hexham GC – Journal Photographs

High above the Tyne Valley this morning, the sun was shining bright and clear.  Totally out of character, I leapt out of bed, grabbed the camera and 5M pole and headed down to Hexham Golf Club to take some photos for the next Newcastle Journal article on Northumberland’s signature holes.  When you drive down from Beaufront Woodhead into Hexham you are quite frequently presented with a ribbon of mist stretching down the Tyne Valley (sometimes it is just steam form Egger) and this morning was no exception.  I eventually got the photos I needed but it was a full hour before the mist burnt off by which time the sun was rising into cloud.  I won’t pre-publish the Journal photos but the attached is what welcomed me on the 18th tee.  So much for early rising.

This one is slightly more inspiring and won’t be used by the Journal, mainly because it is not the right hole for the article.  There is still some mist in the air:


Children in Need

Up early this morning to welcome Jocky Wilson and Phil Ginger, both of Alnwick Castle Golf Club in Northumberland who are on the second day of what many golfers would envisage as being an impossible task.

On Thursday the 10th May 2012, they  tee’d off at Bellingham Golf Club, the first of 585 tee shots in ten days for each of them.  Full details at their web site.

The challenge is in aid of Children in Need so Jocky & Phil are hoping YOU will either sponsor their efforts, or make a bid for one of the fantastic “Four Balls” kindly donated by participating clubs.  Donations and bids can be made through their website.

Unfortunately the weather has not been kind but keeping to Allendale’s tradition of “We Never Close” the committee was out in force to welcome them and donate £100 to this worthy cause.  Captain John Woodcock acted as caddy for the 9 holes.

Their efforts were thwarted at Hexham due to the course being water-logged – some clubs need to get their priorities right, not least Close House who would let them on but only if they paid £100.  Loadsamoney to sponsor Lee Westwood’s cap at the Masters but nothing for this charitable enterprise.

Mamiyaflex C330

My Dad’s Mamiyaflex has found fame at last on the cover of the Newcastle Journal’s golf supplement.  Not quite as iconic as McCullin’s Nikon F but then the bunkers at Bellingham were empty.

This is ‘photographic irony’ – the Bellingham photos which feature in The Journal (cover and inside) were taken with a Nikon DSLR up a 5M Pole – try putting the Mamiyaflex in a similar place and the camera would probably take flight!

Allendale Golf Club Video

This is by way of an experiment  to see how good embedded Youtube video looks on this blog page.  The video was produced in 2010 for Allendale Golf Club – the royalty free soundtrack is the best I could find.  It is actually constructed to fit with Boy 1904 by Jonsi and Alex – so if you have a copy just turn down the Youtube sound and start this track at the beginning of the video and listen to/see the sublime results.  The images are mostly tone-mapped.

Postcard copyright

I am intending to use a number of old postcards in a book for publication later in the year.  They are all over 50 years old but the copyright legislation is so complicated with so many differing caveats that the reproduction issues related to such material is extremely unclear.  So here I go, testing the water – this image of Inveraray Castle shows the original location of the golf course – the exact position relative to the castle is currently being determined.

Published by F Endsman, Inverary – I can find no trace that they still exist, so is there no copyright issue?

Traigh Golf Course

Traigh has to be the most spectacular location for a golf course anywhere in the world.  I am on a mission (more about that later) which takes me to some wild and wonderful places and this is the best so far.  It helped that on the day I played the sun shone, the wind was still and the tide fell back to reveal golden sands.  I don’t know what I did to deserve that day but it must have been something very good.Image