Sweetheart Abbey

The story is that the Lady Dervogilla of Galloway was so distraught at the death of her husband, John Balliol, that she had his heart embalmed and placed in an ivory casket which she carried everywhere.  There must have been practical difficulties with this extreme act of bereavement – this was 1268 when organ transportation methods were, at best, crude….anything to declare Madam?  Monty Python would have had a field day.

Nevertheless, much good was to come from this strange obsession.  The good Lady undertook many charitable acts in his memory which included the founding of the Cistercian Abbey of Dulce Cor in 1273. When she died in 1289, she was laid to rest in front of the abbey church’s high altar, clutching her husband’s heart – history does not record the state of his vital organ.

Anyone who had a heart……

Sweetheart Abbey Sweetheart Abbey Sweetheart Abbey Sweetheart Abbey Sweetheart Abbey Sweetheart-Abbey-6 copy Sweetheart Abbey Sweetheart Abbey Sweetheart Abbey

Victorian Market

These are more images from our recent trip to Inverness. They were taken at the Victorian Market: indoors, on a grey day, in artificial light at ISO 1600, they are silky smooth. I remain astonished by the quality of images produced by the Fuji X100s under less than ideal conditions.  Perversely they were shot in Fujifilm Velvia mode and then converted using OnOne’s B&W simulation (20th Century Classic Silver/City Streets). I sound like a Fuji salesman but this is one magical little device – expensive but they are coming down in price (damn) and are now available in black (double-damn) 😦

Victorian Market Victorian Market Victorian Market Victorian Market Victorian Market Victorian Market

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Fujifilm Velvia

I will not add to the weight of Fuji X100s reviews on the Internet – other people are much better qualified, suffice to say, I think it is a wonderful camera. The retro look and controls remind me of using my Dad’s Werra and just to complete the nostalgia trip, it nestles in a brown leather case (£16 from Amazon, not the £70+ Fuji version!).  Excellent results are very easy to achieve from a great sensor and lens and, as one of the online reviews says, it sees in the dark.

I am not entirely sure why I do this other than to see instant results – the camera has seven custom settings for commonly encountered situations.  I tend to shoot in black & white with a virtual red filter or, as in these examples, in Fujifilm Velvia simulation mode. All of these images are straight from the camera – the only Photoshop CC adjustment has been to add a pencil-line border and watermark. They were all shot 1/3 under-exposed at ISO 400.

The name Velvia is a contraction of “Velvet Media” and refers to its smooth image structure. It is known for its extremely high level of colour saturation and image quality. I think under-exposing the simulation has over-egged the saturation – another time I would opt to over-expose. Given that most of this could have been achieved post-processing I am not sure of the advantages of simulating in the camera – except – would I have arrived at the images in the previous post without starting from here.

Langdale Little Langdale Tarn Path to Slater's Bridge Slater's Bridge Slater's BridgeElterwater

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