Travel theme: Orange

I know, this is a cheat but I just wanted an excuse to post another image from Falmouth 1977, from a time when orange was just a fruit and not a telco and apples were for eating not touching.  This local painter does not look exactly happy in his work but the weather is gloomy and there is a sharp wind blowing across the harbour – perhaps he just wants to go home.

I cheated with something else too – the orange is sampled from here 🙂


Falmouth 1977

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray – The contact sheet is dated 7th July 1977 – I am unsure if this is the date they were taken or the date the contacts were created.  Perhaps the greater admission is that I could not remember where they were taken and it was only by a process of elimination and the help of Google images that I pinned it down to Falmouth. What I do remember is that the lad with the out-of-shape trilby was not amused at being photographed by a similarly scruffy oik (me) brandishing a TLR, which begs the question how did Vivian Maier get away with it.

Not many look back on the seventies with fondness but I had a good time, perhaps because I felt at home with the tattered and frayed, a hangover from the sixties – some might say I have not moved on.


(click on the images to enlarge – not the best quality, they are scanned from the contacts, not the negatives)