Northumberland kite flying

Following on from the previous post, this is evidence that the beach was not entirely empty.  It was a bitter March day with a stiff wind coming in off the sea – not a day for sunbathing but perfect for flying a kite.  The beloved is exiting stage right – a Geordie girl, even she has had enough of the north east’s biting cold for one day:

Kite flying

(just experimenting with soundcloud – a tribute to Wilhelm Reich, it has some vague relevance to this day)

Travel theme: Distance

England’s northeast coast is one of the most spectacular in the country but remains perennially quiet and largely deserted; long may it remain so.  This is the view across the sands at Embleton to the distant ruins of Dunstanburgh Castle which stand like a witch’s teeth on a spellbound horizon.

I know this stretch of coast intimately – just inland is Dunstanburgh Castle Golf Club and its fine links course established in 1900.  The day I took this photograph I was not playing and not really regretting it.  The racing waves are testament to a harsh north-easterly, the sort of day when a golf ball adopts a largely independent life (at least when I am holding the club):

Embleton(click on image to enlarge)