Yet another …

… week gone by.  After a dull and dreary weekend, the sun finally appeared late Sunday and from then on, the week mostly took a turn for the better.  Monday was cold, particularly across the moors, but fine enough to get the Scrambler out.  Tuesday felt a little like Christmas as I drove to Allendale Brewery to collect a hamper and crates of beer.  Bright skies and frost appeared on most mornings such that the camera has spent a lot of time pointing at the sky.  Thursday was even good enough to take the GS north, across filthy roads to Otterburn and then on single tracks to Sundaysight, Greenhaugh and Bellingham.  Nothing is quite as good as being alone on two wheels in wild, empty places.

Sunday 12th December – the sun finally made an appearance, late in the afternoon

Monday 13th December – On the Scrambler to Stanhope and Wolsingham. Still some snow on high ground and colder than expected, but grand to be out again. No low winter sun, which is good thing on the bike.

Tuesday 14th December – To the brewery at Allendale to collect Christmas presents. So much better than depending on a courier who might, or might not, deliver to the right address.

Wednesday 15th December – Sheep migrating north in a golden, morning light.

Thursday 16th December – traffic jam near Sundaysight.

On the same day, on high ground between Greenhaugh and Bellingham, looking towards Sundaysight. The GS is filthy thanks to the lorries emerging from Divethill Quarry on the B6342.

Friday 17th December – Egger from Oakwood, on a cold December morning.

Saturday 18th December – a hard frost on a bright December morning. Flying high on the left is Turkish Airlines, Boeing 787-9 from Istanbul to San Francisco.

On the same day – a different treatment of the same scene.

The Week Gone By

I don’t post on WordPress like I used to. One of the main reasons is the distraction of daily posts on Blipfoto combined with a constant desire to be out on two wheels or playing golf. The latter two become much less time consuming over the winter months, but still I don’t post as often as I might. The sequel to Golf in the Wild also occupies much time as does being honorary treasurer of Allendale Golf Club and continuing to maintain about a half dozen WordPress based websites. And therein lies the rub.

All of the other sites are hosted on an ISP with locally supported and maintained versions of WordPress with access to the classic editor whereas, on, I am obliged to use the thoroughly awful block editor. The irony is that I am now paying for this service since I exceeded the free storage quota. I really should use it more and to that end, I will try repeating what appears on Blipfoto plus maybe a few extra images. Possibly, I will grow to like this editor, but I doubt it.

Sunday 28th November: Seeing red – Storm Arwen meant this was our second full day without electricity
Monday 29th November and still no electricity – the view across the fields at Beaufront Woodhead.
Tuesday 30th November – Frank Williams, a hero since my teenage years, died on 28th November. Seen here on the right with Ron Tauranac at the 1972 British GP, Brands Hatch. Power returned late afternoon.
Wednesday 1st December – Egger the wood treatment plant at Hexham which helps to keep the town prosperous and happy – recently rated the happiest place to live in the UK. I would agree, although they never asked me.
Thursday 2nd December – local cattle, pigging it down at Sloppy Joe’s on a cold December morning.
Friday 3rd December – I am more Ghia than Gaia, more Clarkson than Lovelock.
Saturday 4th December – Hamish and Dougie Wheelbirks Parlour
Another from Wheelbirks – either Hamish or Dougie – I don’t know which is which.

Perfect light …

It had been a dull week, dark clouds threatening rain, snow or worse. At best, a dim light filtered through the short days’ clouds, then suddenly, on Thursday morning, there was an almost clear blue sky and perfect light.

I can carry a camera for days around our local lanes and not really see anything worth capturing but on this day and in that light, everything under the sun was photogenic, even the industrious Egger chimney:

Egger chimney ...

Even the most mundane object stood out – this rusted lock, testament to the industry of Henry Squire & Sons Ltd, an independent family owned manufacturer since 1780:

The locked gate ...

Everywhere, there was a sharp, piercing light:

Into the light ...

Shining gate ...
Riding out ...
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Summer to Autumn

In parallel with this blog I have another compulsive disorder called Blip.  This is a mini-blogging site designed to encourage a post/photo per day.  My written input is very limited, I struggle with a picture per day and sometimes I cheat with duplicates of images on WordPress but, by and large it does provide an interesting (for me 🙂 ) picture diary of our year. Without any forethought it seems I have captured the season as it drifts from summer to autumn, all from one particular viewpoint over Hexham.  It is a few hundred yards from our home and looks over the Tyne Valley towards the Shire. The steam emanates from the Egger chimney – as it says on one of the Blip posts, you don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows:

30th July 2014
You don't need a weatherman ...
29th August 2014
Evening ...
1st September 2014
Evening ...
17th September 2014 (a cold day with the wind blowing in from the east)
We plough the fields ...
1st October 2014 (early morning)
Steamy, misty morning
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