Vapour Trails

Travel theme: Work – flightpaths vary with weather and atmospheric conditions. Some days the skies over Hexham are empty whereas on others, like today, jets fly overhead in virtual squadrons. They are mostly tracking northwest out of Europe, bound for the US. These two were both heading for JFK:

On the right – Royal Jordanian Airbus A340 JY-AID out of Amman
On the left – Delta Airlines Boeing 767-322 N1605 out of Frankfurt

Bound for JFK

The pilots are earning their keep and some of the occupants will be on business trips. As they work their passage, they leave trails in their wake, like airborne snails:

Vapour trails

Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!

Good Morning!This is the view south east across the fields next to our home.  On a good morning it is a scene that is constantly changing – even as the sun rises, mist can drift up from the Tyne Valley and completely blanket the field in a matter of seconds.   If you click on the image and look closely at the enlarged version you will notice what looks like a scratch in the centre, just above the tree line.  This is the vapour trail of a jet coming up over the horizon probably from Frankfurt and heading for the US.  The route of these planes varies with weather conditions in the upper atmosphere – this morning they are mostly tracking out across the North Sea with only the occasional flight to Amsterdam coming near to Hexham.  So, hello to the passengers aboard Delta Airlines DL264 Airbus A330 from Minneapolis which flew overhead earlier, bound for Amsterdam – have a good morning!

Delta Airlines over Hexham(screen grab courtesy of