House Guest

I am that love-struck teenager again.  She came into my life for a weekend and was gone just as suddenly.  With the hair colouring of early Debbie Harry she stole my heart – Jenny is an eight year old Collie.  She reminded me how good it is to have a dog about the house and particularly this one – unlike the dogs I have owned (red setters) this one had perfect table manners (she slept while we ate) and could be trusted not to empty bins or go rummaging in food cupboards.

Outdoors she was a little less the perfectly behaved hound – other dogs, sheep and any moving vehicle would be stalked, chased and barked at given half a chance.  She was never let off the lead.  Who would have thought this serene animal capable of such things.

House guest ...

The first dog I shared my life with was Kerry – in my dark drinking days she was the perfect companion. She could work a bar like a professional; outgoing, flamboyant and just plain nosey, nobody was hard-hearted enough to ignore her. She was the perfect foil to my shy reserve. Strange how dog-fashions are unchanged whereas the flares and hair place this image perfectly in time – I would guess 1974 and Kerry not quite fully grown.

008-Kerry in Scotland-wordpress

This post partly inspired by Harrie Nijland’s, Without my Friend.