Postscript – Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways

We walked up to Beaufront Hill Head again on Thursday and the change from the previous week was dramatic.  The sun was hidden by a blanket of cloud and the barley had been harvested – it felt like the year was on the turn – one shot, more ways:Beaufront Hill Head

Beaufront Hill Head

(Apologies to Tina Schell who had asked to see colour versions of the previous post – I tried but they lacked any drama – so here are some even gloomier versions :-))

Winter fields

This winter will not end.  These photographs were taken on the same day as those of the Red Bull and despite the bright sun there was the bitterest of penetrating north-easterly winds.  In colour it all looks just too warm and inviting; the black and white alternative may not be how it really looked but it is certainly how it felt.  The snow clings to the north facing fields and since then more has come and gone and come again.

Clouds over Beaufront Hill Head

Clouds over Beaufront Hill Head

Clouds over Beaufront Hill HeadClick on the images to enlarge.