Rochefort en Terre

Rochefort en Terre is a beautiful old town, a “Petite Cité de Caractére”, a “Plus Beaux Villages de France” in the Morbihan department of Brittany.  On a hot Sunday in May it was surprisingly quiet, it seems purpose-built for coach trips and cruise ship excursions – see the mice in their million hordes, from Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads.  It is just a little too well preserved.

The streets are “dotted with artists and craftspeople: potters, a candle maker, a toymaker” – all that was missing was a National Trust gift shop.

The Chateau up the hill is a little more ragged around the edges and all the better for it:

At the Chateau In the high street At the Chateau In the high street Head at the Chateau Door knocker at the Chateau In the back lanes The Chateau Chapel


Around Foleux

Travel Theme: Blossom.  These are dangerous times. The skies are clear, the temperature on the rise and rural France in blossom looks stunning. This is when we start to dream of homes in Brittany and with semi-serious curiosity press our noses against estate agents’ windows.  Look at the price of that – sell up and we could afford two!

Fortunately sanity will kick in once we get back to Northumberland – almost everywhere looks great in the sunshine but return in the depths of winter and there is every chance that the dream idyll has transformed into somewhere deadly silent and cold – Perdition Cottage, Gehenna Road, Hades.

It can be fun to dream though – here are come colour images of what has been turning our heads (the last, Tyn y Coed, is our temporary residence):

Around Foleux Across the Marais Down the lanes Le Rohello The Port From the Marais
The holiday home