Quelle surprise!

Travel theme: Unexpected – We first visited Mochignano Chiesa in 2007 when the sun shone in a clear blue sky for the entire two weeks. When we returned in 2009 we knew about the cowbells and the cows that fidgeted all night, the farmer’s dogs that barked at the sound of a moth and the bells in the adjacent bell tower that could wake the dead. What we were not expecting was sweltering heat followed by torrential downpours and thunderstorms, a weather sequence that lasted the entire fortnight.

Mochignano Chiesa, BagnoneMochignano Chiesa, BagnoneMochignano Chiesa, BagnoneMochignano Chiesa, Bagnone

Mochignano Chiesa is a small hamlet in the Tuscan hills above the sleepy town of Bagnone where nothing, but nothing ever happens. Imagine our surprise, when, on our return home, Bagnone was suddenly in all the news – now that was unexpected!

I recognise Antonio Razzoli, the owner of the newspaper shop – I promise you Antonio, it was not us 🙂

Mochignano Chiesa

The snows have disappeared from Northumberland and now it is raining, constantly.  In this thoroughly depressing weather it is good to remember the dry heat of summer, not something we have experienced much of in the UK over the last two years. This photograph seems to capture the much missed warmth of an Italian summer – there is an intense heat that seems to be burning down on their shoulders and rising from the road – is it my imagination or are those paws intentionally floating above the tarmac.

The picture was taken in the small hamlet of Mochignano Chiesa above Bagnone in northern Tuscany in 2007 – take me back.

Mochignano Chiesa(click on the image to enlarge)