Travel theme: Architecture

This is the interior of Todi Cathedral in the province of Perugia in Italy.  In the heat of an Umbrian summer the thick stone walls and large open space provided welcome cool sanctuary from outside pavements hotter than a match head (The Lovin’ Spoonful).  As may be all too obvious, the angels in the architecture have been “re-positioned” from elsewhere inside the cathedral.  The lyric from Paul Simon’s You Can Call Me Al have also been subject to minor adaptation:

Todi Cathedral

Oslo : brief impressions

All of the usual descriptions – clean, tidy, well laid out, a healthy looking race.  The mooring was adjacent to Akershus Slott (the Castle) and consequently close to the centre.  In the grounds of the castle is the Resistance Museum with helpful English translations but nothing in German.  This is one of many must-see museums of which there are far too many so didn’t.  The most enduring impression was left by the new buildings springing up at the western end of the waterfront – a series of sculptured thoroughly modern examples of 21st Century architecture which were nonetheless stunning.  On the boardwalk was this impish face.