Travel theme: Play

I accept this post has nothing to do with travel except in the sense of time.  It is just an excuse to post this picture of a play, one of several I find intriguing.  My Dad was a scientist by education and natural inclination; an industrial chemist, his entire working life was spent at ICI at a time when chemistry was a new frontier, the IT of its day.

He had no interest in the arts, I never heard him sing, he very rarely went to the cinema and I don’t remember my parents ever going to the theatre.  And yet, here he is taking part in an ICI Trafford Park amateur dramatics production, front of stage (he is on the right).  I would guess this was taken in the immediate post-war years and is one of several productions he participated in – I have another picture of him dressed as a vicar, a most unlikely role.

I imagine this is a ‘whodunnit’ – Colonel Mustard, in the lounge with a bottle of whiskey. My Dad looks so young and innocent I assume he did it.  Any suggestions for the name of the play would be gratefully received – however unlikely :-):

ICI Play