The Greatest Race in History

Last week saw the publication of At Last He Comes by Norman Harris – I am proud to be associated with the production of this book, having been responsible for the jacket design and internal graphics.  I have taken the liberty of reproducing the original InDesign cover layout as the paperback version will be missing the fold-over flaps.  This is a shame because it not only undermines the design but omits some interesting facts about Norman which are not repeated elsewhere.  Click on the image to enlarge and discover something about ‘jogging’:

The Greatest Race in History

It is the story of the marathon from the 1908 London Olympics which starts around 2 minutes 57 seconds into this silent recording:

OMG Images

I am just finishing up on a website for OMG Images – the acronym long pre-dates the Internet slang, the ‘O’ standing for Oliver, not Oh.  This unfortunate coincidence is going to make Google searches for “OMG Images” a challenge.  Graham Oliver has been taking pictures ever since he was given a camera as a child.  Studying photography at Art College, he was influenced by photographers such as Horst, Weber and Parkinson.  With many years experience, Graham has built an enviable reputation for creativity and producing outstanding images; his ability to light a scene is second to none.

Donna, married to Graham, is a photographer as well and is a significant contributor to stock libraries.  Her unique eye and attention to detail, combined with boundless energy and enthusiasm benefits all her clients.

I have nothing but admiration for them both.  It is not just the quality of the photography but all of the organisation and hard work that goes into staging the shoots.  Getting all the props, wardrobes and access to locations right whilst working with models, some of them very young children, strikes me as darned hard work.  On top of that getting the right combination of weather and lighting to deliver the decisive moment seems nothing short of a miracle.

The brief was to keep it simple so as not to detract from the imagery; hopefully this has been achieved.  It is nearing completion – take a look at ( and take you to the same site).  The Occupations, About us and The Blog links are currently not active.