It has been a good few years since we have seen lambs in the field adjacent to our house. We live high above the Tyne Valley and there has been a recent tendency to move the mothers and their off-spring to lower ground.

Thankfully, it has not happened this year, at least not yet. These newborns arrived within the last 24 hours and will have spent their first night in freezing temperatures, waking to a hard frost.  According to the shepherd, they don’t suffer in the frost, it is rain and harsh winds that gets to them. The forecast looks much the same for the next few days, so these first arrivals should be ok.

Breakfast time

This one has a single – so no competition with brothers and sisers

The Shepherd and his sheep

The Shepherd and his sheep



  1. Aviationtrails · March 8, 2022

    How some of these lambs survive in these harsh winters is beyond me!

  2. sustainabilitea · March 8, 2022

    These photos made me smile, Robin. 🙂

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