Rain and wind …

And nothing much else this week. Some days I was reduced to photographing the neighbours i.e. the sheep. It was so bad today, they deserted the higher ground and have probably found shelter near the trees. Other days, I was either in Hexham or walking near Fourstones. Golf and motorcycling seem a distant prospect. On a positive note, the first 100 books (Golf in the Wild – Going Home) have been sold or shipped to retailers.

The lovers at Hexham Pant on Valentine’sDay

Parallel lines – the crossings near Fourstones Papermill Co. Ltd.

In spate – the Tyne at Haydon Bridge.

After the storm – a thorough wash and blow dry.

Nun shall pass – Hexham Abbey.

Bulrushes – between Warden and Fourstones.

An awful day (today, Sunday 20/2) – the field is saturated, the sheep are in hiding and I have not ventured beyond the front door.


  1. Pit · February 20, 2022

    Maybe the sheep went here: https://wp.me/p2Dk9J-a3Y

    • northumbrianlight · February 21, 2022

      Quite possible – they are not as daft as we think 😉

      • Pit · February 21, 2022


  2. sustainabilitea · February 20, 2022

    Ok, here are my random thoughts/comments. Congratulations on the book sales. Secondly, I had to enlarge that first shot because it looked as if the man was picking his nose when I first saw it. 🙂 Thirdly, I really like the “Nun shall pass” photo not just for the title but for the pops of color. Finally, I liked all the photos and hope that things dry out a bit for you soon. Needless to say, we don’t have similar problems here in Arizona!!


    • northumbrianlight · February 21, 2022

      Thanks Janet – it’s good when the sales come through, but the PR and the packing can be a pain.
      Also thanks for the kind words re the images – yes, it’s reassuring to know he is eating a chip 😀 Not the most romantic image for Valentine’s Day, but the best Hexham had to offer. All the best, R

  3. Aviationtrails · February 21, 2022

    It certainly was a wild weekend wasn’t it. Definitely not motorcycling weather!

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