Another week gone by …

There is a chill in the air with some days clear and bright, but rain remains illusive. Normally this would be of no consequence, however, the roads nearby remain covered in a layer of muck and salt such that any outings on a bike, once again result in hours spent cleaning.

It was just the second game of golf this year on Tuesday followed by a long ride out on the GS to Anthorn in Cumbria on Thursday – 117 miles, the longest this year. By contrast, in 2021, I didn’t get out until 17th February – maybe it was the weather or lockdowns or a combination of both – I forget.

It feels like the year is tilting towards spring with almost no days of winter.  There is time yet, I guess.

The view from Struthers, Allendale. A brief detour on the way home from an enjoyable 18 holes at Allendale Golf Club – Home of Golf in the Wild.

Looking east along the channel of the River Wampool Anthorn.

A return to Anthorn (home of the pips) on the GS. Finally bit the bullet and increased the insured miles – expecting a hefty admin fee, the total charge was £2.46 :D!

Storm Malik was blowing a hoolie on Saturday

Another sunrise at Beaufront Woodhead – today – Sunday 30th January

The racecourse from east of Blackhill Farm – today – Sunday 30th January.

More sheep – near the racecourse

Towards Hexham, looking northeast from the racecourse road



  1. Sue · January 30, 2022

    Oh, I love to follow your adventures on the motorbike by way of your blog

  2. Tish Farrell · January 31, 2022

    Love your sweeping vistas, Robin. And the sheep (good on texture!) As to the not-quite winter, here in Shropshire our January has been bone-biting winds and quite a lot of frost, but even so, the campanula is flowering. Feb. is also good at tricking us into thinking it’s nearly spring – cue John Clare poem. And back the 70s I remember a February sun-bathing day up in Aberdeen, and university lectures cancelled in consequence.

    • northumbrianlight · January 31, 2022

      Thanks Tish – it has been odd up here – certainly plenty of chill winds, but virtually no frosts. It can be very deceptive – I have just returned from a ride into the wilds of Northumberland (Throcklington). The roads were dry but I was surprised to realise the roadside puddles were frozen solid. From then on, I took things more slowly. Sunbathing in Aberdeen at any time seems an unlikely pursuit, but especially in February! It paints an attractive picture ;-). All the best, R.

  3. Chris Barker · January 31, 2022

    I could feel the bite in the air, Robin, and wondered how I would have felt about the longish ride: would I have felt like a walk in the cold afterwards :-). And I learned a new word – “illusive” – which, to my shame, I assumed was a mistake.

    • northumbrianlight · January 31, 2022

      It’s all quite cosy on the GS, CB. Plenty of wind protection, over-sized handguards and heated grips.
      I am consistent with the aims of Public Service Broadcasting – Inform, Educate & Entertain 😀

      • Chris Barker · February 1, 2022

        Always – informing, educating and entertaining. Without a doubt! cb

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