Another week gone by …

I don’t know how long I will keep this up, but there is an improved chance now that I once again have access to the classic editor.  For this I must thank who pointed me in the direction of Katherine Wikoff’s post on this subject.  Many thanks to both.

In the manner of Garrison Keillor, it has been a quiet week at Beaufront Woodhead.  Snow fell heavily last Saturday night such that Sunday dawned bright and very white.  Most had melted by Sunday night. Monday remained bright but cold and then the dismal weather set in for three days.  Astonishingly on Friday, my first round of golf since November 11th was played up the coast, at Warkworth, under clear blue skies.  Normal service was resumed on Saturday.  Yes, the English are obsessed by weather.

This is the collection of images posted daily on Blipfoto:

Sunday 5th December – A bright Sunday morning – the first snow of winter

Monday 6th December – Sunburst over Hexham on Monday evening

Tuesday 7th December – A dismal day outside I started playing around with Adobe Photoshop Camera. You see al this before you press the shutter on the smartphone.

Wednesday 8th December – On another thoroughly miserable day, our near neighbours in their very damp woolly jumpers.

Thursday 9th December – Out for Christmas lunch with friends, this is another smartphone + Photoshop Camera image using a reflections preset.

Friday 10th December – The Miracle that was the trip to Warkworth Golf Club.  The view from the edge of the 5th fairway.

Saturday 11th December – normal service is resumed – a very bleak day.

In other news, I finished another proof read of Golf in the Wild – Going Home – the third in as many weeks. It’s a slow process but worth the effort – I am still hopeful for publication before the end of January.


  1. Pit · December 12, 2021

    I’ve become quite accustomed to the new editor, and I like it.
    Btw, not only the English are obsessed with the weather. We here are, too. 😉

    • northumbrianlight · December 12, 2021

      It’s what you get used to I guess – I am just too lazy to relearn/investigate.
      Hope you are not getting quite as much weather as we have recently.
      All the best, Robin

      • Pit · December 12, 2021

        It definitely takes some time to get used to, Robin. I still vividly my days – and weeks and months – of learning. But now I won’t miss it as it gives me more formatting choices.
        We just had our first frost last night, down to 29 Fahrenheit [-1.5 Centigrade], but now it’s a gorgeous and fairly warm day with bright sunshien from a clear blue sky.
        I had read abut that bad weather in GB.
        Have a wonderful per-Christmkas time,

  2. babsje · December 12, 2021

    Wonderful photos. The grey or overcast photos make me feel right at home. And happy that Katherine’s classic editor trick works for you! All credit to her for that very helpful post of hers. Without it I would have definitely abandoned my own blog. Happily looking forward to more of your excellent posts as your time permits.

    • northumbrianlight · December 12, 2021

      Many thanks for the kind comments and once again for pointing me in the direction of Katherine – very helpful.

  3. Sue · December 12, 2021

    Persist with that editor, Robin

    • northumbrianlight · December 13, 2021

      🙂 Persistence is the only strength I have 😉

      • Sue · December 13, 2021


  4. Aviationtrails · December 12, 2021

    I detest the new editor, it’s so ‘unfriendly’. I use a similar method to Katherine, but instead of opening. A new tab, simply reopen the draft but select ‘classic editor’ in the option box. Works a treat. I love the photos (as always) the blue sky over Warkworth is just stunning, we could certainly do with a few more I

  5. J.D. · December 12, 2021

    Good to hear you found a way back to the classic editor. I’m nearly gone so I’m not going to figure that out.

    Love the photos. The Photoshop app looks like fun. The weather here has been dreary too. But it has its charm.

    • J.D. · December 12, 2021

      ps…wonderful news about the proofreading. Do you format your books yourself? I’m trying to learn how for my memoir and Blue.

      • northumbrianlight · December 13, 2021

        It will be a shame to see you leave these shores – let me know where you have gone. Thanks for the kind comments, Julie. I formatted the first book myself with InDesign. It is the only time I used it and nearly 7 years later I had completely forgotten the interface So, rather than renew the licence and re-learn, I opted to pay someone else to do it. Just lazy, I guess 😉

      • J.D. · December 13, 2021

        It’s a decision I reflected on for months. I will let my readers know details in my New Year post. It’s not lazy to pay someone to format your book. I’m trying to teach myself using LibreOffice. It’s a pain!

  6. Tish Farrell · December 14, 2021

    Lovely to find you here AGAIN, Robin. And glad you resolved the ‘classic’ lack.

    • northumbrianlight · December 14, 2021

      Thanks Tish, I really need to make more of an effort. My excuses are Blip, golf and the bikes (8500 miles this year). On top of that GITW#2 has been consuming a lot of time which should diminish with publication, but then comes the promoting 😦 . At least the classic editor is accessible again.

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