Free at last …

It was inevitable that my resolution to post once per week on WordPress would eventually come unstuck.  That was predictable, the last eight weeks less so.  Cooped up for so long, it was also inevitable that when a hint of freedom appeared, all other priorities would be thrown to the four winds.  On 13th May it was finally decreed safe to ride motorcycles again, although not over the border into Scotland where the restrictions remain.  I have lost no time in clocking plenty of miles, some menacingly close to Reiver country …

The GS at Crindledykes

To Bamburgh

In Bad Company

At the Air Museum (closed)

Do it again …

In the mornin’ you go gunnin’ for the man who stole your water
And you fire till he is done in but they catch you at the border
And the mourners are all singin’ as they drag you by your feet
But the hangman isn’t hangin’ and they put you on the street


  1. Sue · May 23, 2020

    Good to hear

  2. Pit · May 23, 2020

    Glad you were able to get out again – finally. Especially because you brought back so great pictures. 😉
    Have a great weekend, and stay healthy,

  3. J.D. Riso · May 24, 2020

    Yay for you! Hope the freedom expands. And that’s a great song.

  4. sustainabilitea · May 24, 2020

    Hurrah, you’re free and flying!! Now I have that song in my head. 🙂


    • northumbrianlight · May 24, 2020

      It’s been great Janet except now, predictably, the weather has turned. Nevertheless I’m happy there is the option to ride out and get soaked 🙂

      • sustainabilitea · May 24, 2020

        Exactly! Makes you appreciate what you have when you haven’t been able to have it for so long.

  5. Aviationtrails · May 24, 2020

    It’s good to be out and about if a little restricted. Love the photos.

    • northumbrianlight · May 24, 2020

      Many thanks – thought of your blog – Vulcan XJ823 is clearly visible from the road even though the museum is currently closed.

      • Aviationtrails · May 24, 2020

        It’s one of the museums I’ve not been to, but have heard many good things about it. One day, when life is more normal, I shall pay it a visit.

  6. anthony brown · June 5, 2020

    Hi Robin
    Sorry but what do the numbers & GS indicate on your machines Have a great ride Regards Tony

    • northumbrianlight · June 5, 2020

      A very fair question, Tony – GS is Gelände Sport, roughly translates as ‘off-road/on-road’ The numbers refer to engine size except the Yamaha which is just a type number (engine size was 847cc). They all go like stink 🙂 All the best, Robin

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