Northumberland in Mono

This set of images were all taken within a 1.5 mile radius of our home – I know this for certain because I haven’t ventured outside this geofence since 24th March.  Hexham is a mystery to me now – the Good Wife has taken over responsibility for all socially distant shopping, mostly because I cannot be trusted to buy organic.  Any consequential savings I would spend on chocolate or similar.  Nevertheless, I am not complaining, I seem to have slipped into this secluded life all too easily.  The only thing I miss desperately is getting out on the motorcycles which, as any rider knows, is just self-isolation at speed.

Lean on me …

Always keep a-hold of nurse

Beaufront Castle Lodge …

In a big county …

The entrance to Fern Hill Farm

Five-bar Gate …

Do not disturb …

Another gate above the old kennels, Beaufront Woodhead.

The impression created by these images is of a country life continuing as usual, uninterrupted by world events. Isolating has also meant not listening to ‘news’, keeping socially distant from statistics and mortality rates but, just occasionally the bubble is burst. Peter Turnley’s images portray an entirely different, distant, monochromatic reality:



  1. Pit · May 6, 2020

    Great pictures. My favourite is “In a big country”.
    Stay healthy,

  2. J.D. Riso · May 6, 2020

    Thank for the tour of your delightful little corner of the world. This time has made some of us appreciate our own « backyard » more. I’ve also adjusted very well to the isolation, just miss the yearly voyages.

    • northumbrianlight · May 7, 2020

      It is surprising how little else we need beyond our own small corner of the world. We are fortunate very though. I can’t imagine what lockdown must be like in a small inner-city apartment. You seem to be advancing well with your new home – I look forward to seeing it progress. All the best and stay well.

  3. sustainabilitea · May 6, 2020

    Great B&W looks, Robin. I try to avoid the news as well because the emphasis is on the negative, whether it be stats, political, mixed messages by the bushel, etc. As for the chocolate buying, our joke is that if my husband goes almost anywhere to buy things, a candy bar charge somehow appears on the credit card slip. 🙂

    Stay well!


    • northumbrianlight · May 7, 2020

      Many thanks Janet. Not taking notice of the media can only be good for our sanity – one day they may come to realise that the silent majority are no longer watching/listening. Re the candy bars – it is a well known fact that discounted shopping is only available to chaps purchasing large volumes of chocolate i.e. it’s compulsory 🙂
      All the best to you and yours

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