This blog is being neglected, not as a result of a conscious decision but simply through lack of time.  In part this is due to the ongoing heatwave in the UK; I don’t remember anything like it since 1976.  We travelled in the first part of the year but now I am locked into a cycle of golf, golf administration and putting many miles on motorcycles.  In short, I am making hay while the sun shines because at some point this must end.

This set of images is from a trip to the coast over the weekend.  It is perhaps indicative of a compulsive tendency that the coastal walk should skirt two golf courses, Alnmouth Village and the Foxton.  Perhaps I am in need of help 🙂

The Foxton golf course, Alnmouth

Alnmouth beach as the temperatures rise

On the beach Alnmouth beach

One man, two dogs, Alnmouth beach

Alnmouth beach

Northumberland’s fields of gold

Amble Harbour, lazin’ on a sunny afternoon


  1. J.D. Riso · July 8, 2018

    I think more than a few blogs are being neglected this summer as a result of the weather. I went 2 months between posts, a record for me. These photos exude summer in all of its sunny glory. Enjoy it while it lasts.

    • northumbrianlight · July 9, 2018

      Thanks Julie – Good to know this heatwave stretches from Hexham to Michigan – enjoy it too 🙂

  2. Leya · July 8, 2018

    Just beautiful – but hot just like here. It must be rather many neglecting their blogs this summer. I am spending the hottest hours inside…so I try to keep up the blogging…

    • northumbrianlight · July 9, 2018

      Many thanks Leya – actually we need some rain soon – our greens are suffering and we only have a manual irrigation system. 99 years out of 100 there is never a shortage of rain.

      • Leya · July 9, 2018

        True here as well.

  3. restlessjo · July 8, 2018

    Love the fields of gold and I have very fond memories of Alnmouth. Tall Ships this week Robin. Hope it lasts x

  4. Su Leslie · July 9, 2018

    Beautiful images. Glad you’re having a good (if really hot) summer.

    • northumbrianlight · July 9, 2018

      Thanks Su – yes very hot, not at all like the standard UK summer

      • Su Leslie · July 9, 2018

        I guess with climate change, this could be the new standard 🤔

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