It started with a kiss …

Now I have your attention, I confess it started with something much more mundane – a trip to Newbiggin by the Sea to collect a waterproof jacket and trousers from the golf club.  An entirely appropriate purchase given the links were empty, the rain coming down sideways, the skies forbidding and the gulls struggling to maintain their flight plan.

We have been meaning to see the Couple for years, and so it works, public artworks attract visitors.  On the bitterest of days we walked the prom and the beach to see them staring out to sea:

I must go down to the seas again, to the vagrant gypsy life,
To the gull’s way and the whale’s way where the wind’s like a whetted knife;
And all I ask is a merry yarn from a laughing fellow-rover,
And quiet sleep and a sweet dream when the long trick’s over.
John Masefield

When first installed, as with most public art, opinions were divided but I would be surprised if many now object; they are part of Newbiggin’s fabric, not just the couple but locals.  If I have a criticism it is that they are too inaccessible – Sean Henry‘s works are finely detailed and should be seen up close but this remains the preserve of strong swimmers and gulls.

And what came next was a desire to give the couple a permanent residence on this blog – so after nearly five years the theme has has been replaced and they have joined a number of images that randomly appear in the header – a change was long overdue.

The Couple ...

The Couple ...

The Couple ...

The Couple ...

A late addition:


  1. J.D. Riso · February 12, 2017

    An interesting work of art they are. Nice new blog look, too. They’re retiring themes left and right these days.

    • northumbrianlight · February 12, 2017

      I was surprised how prolific Sean Henry is – his works are all over the place. I hadn’t noticed the retiring themes, I suppose because I have only recently looked at updating. I supposed older themes might have compatibility issues with later releases of WordPress. There does seem to be a lot of change for changes sake on the WordPress platform 😦

  2. restlessjo · February 12, 2017

    I love your updated trendy look, Robin 🙂 I was going to comment on it on the previous post but I popped back for a rendezvous with Julie and here you are again. Looking good! 🙂

    • northumbrianlight · February 12, 2017

      Thanks Jo – nowt like being trendy 🙂 Just added a video which you might like.

      • restlessjo · February 12, 2017

        And you and me are nowt like it, Robin 🙂 Thanks- be back in a while. I’m trekking in the Dales (but not literally 🙂 )

  3. restlessjo · February 12, 2017

    They’re quite realistic, aren’t they? Last time I was up there it was freezing! Nowhere much to shelter 🙂 Must be a good pub?

    • northumbrianlight · February 12, 2017

      It was ruddy perishing yesterday too 😦 We sheltered in the golf clubhouse – where else 😀

      • restlessjo · February 12, 2017

        Almost worth taking it up 😦

    • northumbrianlight · February 13, 2017

      Golf in the Wild might inspire you 😀

  4. Su Leslie · February 12, 2017

    Fascinating-looking sculpture, but I tend to agree with you about the placement. What a shame you can’t really get close to it.

    • northumbrianlight · February 13, 2017

      I am told there is a copy in the town so they thought of everything – my criticism is withdrawn 😉
      Next time I am there I must try and find it.

      • Su Leslie · February 14, 2017

        I guess that’s one way of approaching it. I can’t help feeling that commissioning two artists to produce works that are both visible might have been how I’d have spent the budget. 🙂

  5. Cate Franklyn · February 12, 2017

    Second shot is the winner!!!!

    • northumbrianlight · February 13, 2017

      Thanks Cate – mine is the last but only because it cost me a wet foot on a freezing day 🙂

  6. petergreyphotography · February 13, 2017

    I like the picture with bird very much.

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