1. Victor Nelson · July 28

    I knew Nik very well and he was a friend of mine. He was a very quiet and kind person. He had a very calm nature about him and always cared about others before himself. I was at primary and secondary school with Nik in Paisley. I remember sharing a room with him in our school trip to London. I used to go round to spend time with Nik at his house and we would play together with our 80s Casio electronic keyboards. There were around six of us that used to hang around together. I remember he used to go on holiday up to his grandparents in the Highlands. When Nik was 18 I had already joined the Army and I had been on leave at the time when I heard the announcement of his untimely passing on the local radio Clyde FM in Glasgow. I was so sad and shocked. Today reading this I would love to fix up his memorial in the future with other friends. I never knew the full story of nicks passing and I’m glad to see it listed here. When I think of Nik I smile knowing he was doing something he loved and the great times we had as children. You will always be missed by all your friends in Paisley and around the world. You will never leave our hearts.

    • northumbrianlight · July 28

      Many thanks for your touching comments, Victor. I never knew Nik and only came across his sad story as a result of his remarkable headstone at Melness – I never pass without paying my respects. I have included his story in my latest book, Golf in the Wild – Going Home – a title I had decided on the title long before seeing those same words on his memorial at Stac Dhu. I found this oddly unsettling. Thanks again for taking the time to expand Nik’s story – best regards, Robin D.

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