Like a fire in the sun …

Northumberland has been clinging to the wreckage of autumn these last few weeks but its all over now.  Despite Black Friday, despite the ever sooner onset of Christmas and the tyranny of things, it has been a quiet few weeks in Beaufront Woodhead.  It is also a time of inner conflicts.  The desire to play golf set against too damp courses and uninviting weather – the solution – head for the coast. The impatient need to be out on two wheels set against slippery surfaces, biting winds and too much salt on the roads – the solution – sit tight and polish the hardware.

For now, the priority is the much delayed task of writing the follow-up to Golf in the Wild. My modest ambitions for the first version have been met – the production costs have been recovered and 800+ copies shipped.  The sequel is progressing at a glacial pace – I am currently researching Loch Eriboll, just a few miles down the road from the return journey’s place of departure, Durness. Eriboll has some fascinating history, not least that in May 1945, this was the location for the surrender of thirty three U-boats, the pride of Germany’s Wolfpack.  I could be stuck in these waters for weeks, but no matter, the days are short and the nights long.

In the meantime, this is Northumberland as autumn falls into winter:

The view north ... Hopeful Monster ... Perfect conditions ... Messing about ...


  1. easyweimaraner · November 27, 2016

    I would love to visit this place… it is beautiful… many thanks for sharing a wonderful piece of our slice earth :o)

  2. Cate Franklyn · November 27, 2016

    You live in beauty.

  3. Sue · November 27, 2016

    Beautiful images, Robin

    • northumbrianlight · November 27, 2016

      Thanks Sue – it’s easy when the trees and light are this good.

      • Sue · November 27, 2016


  4. Scott K Marshall · November 27, 2016

    All good shots – but rather drawn to the motorcycle shot leads us perfectly

    • northumbrianlight · November 27, 2016

      Thanks Scott – that’s rain on the lens of the GoPro in the motorcycle shot and I am taking it very easy. Too slippery and too cold but still good to be out on the bike 😉

  5. Su Leslie · November 27, 2016

    Beautiful images; especially the motorcycle shot. I won’t show it to the Big T — he will only get jealous and the Katanas aren’t really roadworthy at the moment.

    • northumbrianlight · November 28, 2016

      Many thanks Su – you are heading into spring and summer, it must be time the Big T got the Katanas out – sounds like a line from a song 🙂

      • Su Leslie · November 29, 2016

        Doesn’t it. He was checking their road-worthiness the other day, so I suspect a ride coming on.

  6. sustainabilitea · November 27, 2016

    Lovely shots, so evocative of the season and the changes between seasons.


    • northumbrianlight · November 28, 2016

      Thanks Janet – autumn has clung on for weeks this year but not for much longer 😦

  7. socialbridge · November 27, 2016

    Oh Robin, I didn’t breathe through the beauty of this.

    • northumbrianlight · November 28, 2016

      Many thanks Jean – I trust the respiratory system has now recovered 😜

      • socialbridge · November 28, 2016

        Yep, a brisk walk on the Prom ,as the waves splashed and stars twinkled, did the trick. I was thinking when walking about your take on November darkness!

  8. Gillean · November 27, 2016

    The view from the 2nd – how often have we too enjoyed one of the best coastal views in Northumberland. Loch Eribol is pretty photogenic as well, never mind the history and secrets of its waters. All these wonderful locations to enjoy and the opportunity to play a round of golf as well. About time the second book was completed!!

    • northumbrianlight · November 28, 2016

      Hi Gillean, good to hear from you – I will email separately with other news. There are a couple more images from the same day at Bamburgh – a beautiful day right up to the 16th:
      Having spent many holidays near Tongue (Talmine) and worked on occasion at Dounreay, I know that north coast well – too much to write, not too little 🙂

  9. J.D. Riso · November 28, 2016

    Sometimes we have no choice but to submit to the weather. Congrats on the much deserved success of Golf in the Wild and best of luck with finishing the sequel. I’ve also been working on the memoir. Glacial progress it has been as well. The “end” is finally in sight.

    • northumbrianlight · November 28, 2016

      Many thanks Julie – this writing lark demands the sort of self discipline I lack. Very pleased with the results of the book – just think how far we would go if we had PR machines behind us 😉 Looking forward to reading your memoir – let me know when it is available.

  10. restlessjo · November 28, 2016

    Ah, but it’s a lovely world, isn’t it, Robin? Even if a tad cool at times 🙂 Well done with the book and it sounds like you have interesting times ahead.

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