Old England

There is a sameness creeping into my imagery.  Old England has taken on the role of New England these last few weeks, the countryside turning a super-saturated Fuji Velvia riot of golds, browns and reds.  I carry my Fuji X100s with me almost everywhere I go, hence the opportunity to snap, hence the sameness – however clichéd, however familiar, the temptation to press the shutter one more time is irresistible.

Ken Rockwell describes the X100s as the “The World’s 2nd Best Digital Camera”, the best being its successor, the X100T.

I have said it before – the X100s is like a jewel, a retro work of art.  By comparison my Nikon D600 is a house brick – a perfectly capable house brick (apart from the oil spots on the sensor 😠 ) but not something you feel inclined to carry around in a golf bag, for instance – a full set of clubs in a carry bag is quite heavy enough.

This is what Northumberland has looked like these last few weeks through the eyes of a Fujinon 23mm F2 fixed focal length lens:

Beech leaves...

Autumnal waters ...
Autumn ... Talk about ... Autumn leaves ... Along the lanes ... Looking north west ...

And so to the crux of this post – my ongoing communications with Nikon Support:

Many thanks for your prompt reply. Unfortunately I am once again disappointed by Nikon’s response to this ongoing problem. At the heart of the issue is the fact that the Nikon D600 is a fundamentally flawed piece of equipment which should have been the subject of a replacement exercise from the outset. To be told, on the occasion of its third return for repair, that I might or might not be subject to a charge is unacceptable. There is inconvenience, time spent packing/arranging shipment and loss of use which seems to be ignored by Nikon, quite apart from the blemished images the camera produces.

In addition, it should be noted that I was explicitly told that my camera would form part of the D610 replacement programme by your colleague  – to receive the same camera back, which remains flawed, merely adds insult to injury.

I have been a Nikon customer for many years and have an extensive system supporting the D600. Unless you can guarantee replacement, I intend selling and replacing this system in its entirety – there are simply too many excellent, competitive cameras available on the market to remain with a manufacturer who has so little regard for its existing customer base.  I would be grateful if you could escalate as necessary.

I will let the world know how they respond 😉


  1. Sue · November 5, 2016

    Beautiful images, Robin! As to the Nikon issue, you have certainly had shoddy customer ‘service’….but of course, you are not a corporate customer with an endless cash flow for purchasing new gear…..😳😳

    • northumbrianlight · November 6, 2016

      Many thanks Sue – the jury is still out on Nikon so I will try not to prejudice my case with derogatory statements – at least not yet 😉

  2. Pit · November 5, 2016

    Those images of autumn (colours) in “Old” England are simply gorgeous. Sorry to read of your problems with Nikon support. Maybe I’m very lucky that I’ve never had the necessity to contact them. I hope, though, that your problems will finally be sovled to your satisfaction.
    Have a great weekend,

    • northumbrianlight · November 6, 2016

      Many thanks Pit – good to hear from you – hope all is well in your part of the world. You have an ‘exciting’ week in prospect.

      • Pit · November 6, 2016

        Well, basically all is well in our neck of the woods, but – you mention the “exciting week ahead”, I’ll only be able to tell after Tuesday if all is really well. You know what I mean.
        Have a great week over there in Merry Old Englnad,,

      • northumbrianlight · November 6, 2016

        Indeed I do 😉 Good luck to you all (and us as well).

  3. socialbridge · November 5, 2016

    Love the photos, Robin.
    I hope I never get on the wrong side of you or your camera! Best of luck with the battle.

    • northumbrianlight · November 6, 2016

      Thanks Jean, we have had a very grand autumn but today it has all turned nasty – very wet, cold and windy so no golf 😦

  4. littledogslaughed · November 5, 2016

    Simply beautiful images Robin- they exude the warmth of autumn in all its glory! Sorry to hear of your troubles with Nikon-I ended up selling the Nikon I had (not this model), I just never warmed up to the camera or the company- hope you have a satisfactory resolution soon-😃

    • northumbrianlight · November 6, 2016

      Many thanks Meg – mother nature at its best so all I have to do is point and shoot, unlike your wonderfully imaginative creations. Have a great week.

  5. Tish Farrell · November 5, 2016

    ‘Old England’, yes indeed, Robin. The colours have been brilliant this year. Good luck with the Nikon situation.

    • northumbrianlight · November 6, 2016

      It has been a very special autumn, Tish. The ‘Old England’ title was inspired by Billy, Liza et al:

  6. Cate Franklyn · November 5, 2016

    Gorgeous shots, my friend, in Merry Old England! The trees are finally coloring up here in Astoria and hopefully will get a few beauties like yours in Astoria Park today.

    • northumbrianlight · November 6, 2016

      Many thanks Cate – have a fine stroll in autumnal Astoria Park (that sounds so romantic) – I look forward to seeing your images.

  7. sumacandmilkweed · November 5, 2016

    Lovely images. I can’t speak to the Nikon issue, other than feeling for you and your frustration over the matter. But I am with you on the sameness… I go out into my surroundings and am drawn to the same places over and over. Each day offers something different, though–a different light, a different color, a different look with a different camera.

    • northumbrianlight · November 6, 2016

      Many thanks, much appreciated. Photography makes us look rather than taking things for granted which can only be a good thing. Many thanks for stopping by.

  8. sustainabilitea · November 5, 2016

    I completely understand why you keep taking shots. I do the same. 🙂 Good luck with Nikon.


  9. LaVagabonde · November 6, 2016

    It may be cliched, but I never tire of beautiful autumn photos. 🍁🍂

    Excellent letter. Please do let us know how they respond. My husband has a Nikon, which has been in repair once and already seems messed up again. I’m so very happy with my little Sony Nex 5N.

    • northumbrianlight · November 6, 2016

      Me neither, it is a magical time of year – it will be good to look back when the trees are stark and bare in a few weeks time. Also thanks re the letter – it is a shame the fault was not more dramatic e.g. catching fire – it would have been much harder to keep a lid on the complaints 😉

  10. Su Leslie · November 6, 2016

    Gorgeous images: I am so enjoying the northern Autumn through others’ photos. Good luck with your Nikon battle.

    • northumbrianlight · November 6, 2016

      Many thanks Su – enjoy your Spring (?) – you lucky people 😉 I need to head south.

      • Su Leslie · November 6, 2016

        🙂 Bring an umbrella!

  11. Leya · November 6, 2016

    There is nothing like old England, the Northumberland you show us here! Glorious autumn in Sweden as well and I cannot get enoguh of the colours and the scenery. But – it all changed a couple of days ago. Rain and strong winds, and only some miles up north heavy snowing.
    Hope for a positive answer to your Nikon letter…I have a D7000 and I am quite happy with it so far – no need for support yet.

    • northumbrianlight · November 7, 2016

      It’s changed here too Leya but it was good while it lasted.
      I am sure your D7000 will be fine – the problem with the D600 is a well known and well documented manufacturing fault specific to that device.

      • Leya · November 7, 2016

        Cannot like that…but then Nikon should take clear responsibility…and get you a new one! No option I guess, but still…

  12. restlessjo · November 8, 2016

    I can testify to the colours, Robin. I was in your neck of the woods last week. You might recognise next week’s walk 🙂

  13. sphericalinsight · November 24, 2016

    That different mix up of colors in one place, a great eye I would say. And the front page monochrome giving a wide view, excellently shot.

    Keep Exploring

  14. MJF Images · November 24, 2016

    I’ll have to try that Fuji camera some day.

    • northumbrianlight · November 24, 2016

      You really must, it is a fabulous little device and the APS-C sensor incomparable.

  15. Lydia.H · December 2, 2016

    I love the pictures with the river in them. I don’t know if it’s the same river or not! How did you get the snow stuff on your website to follow the computer’s cursor? Because it’s super cool!

    • northumbrianlight · December 3, 2016

      Many thanks Lydia, glad you liked them – the streams are the same at Newbrough, Northumberland – the latter as it feeds into the South Tyne. The snow at wordpress.com is a switch under Settings/General. You can leave it switched on – it stays on between 1st December and 1st January.

      • Lydia.H · December 3, 2016

        Oh cool! Thanks!

  16. zozieposie · December 9, 2016

    Such pretty pictures…love the colours
    I like to blog countryside too

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