Memory …

Over the turbulence of the world
flies the bird that stands for memory.
No bird flies faster than this one,
dearer to me
than the dove was to Noah – though it brings back
sometimes an olive branch, sometimes
a thorny twig without blossoms.

Norman MacCaig – August 1984

Some photographic memories from an unsettling week:

RFC sweetheart brooch ... On the high road ... When a lovely ... Siddhārtha Gautama ... 003-Crindledykes-blip Pink clouds ... Above the clouds ...


  1. harrienijland · November 4, 2015

    Fine post, Robin. 20 years ago I would have ‘rushed by’… 😉

  2. LaVagabonde · November 4, 2015

    A fine collection of images, Robin. Love the Buddha in the autumn leaves especially. Sorry to hear the week was unsettling.

    • northumbrianlight · November 5, 2015

      Many thanks Julie – thanks to Wiki, I now know that an alternative name for Buddha is Siddhārtha Gautama – educational this blogging lark 🙂

  3. restlessjo · November 4, 2015

    Interesting selection, Robin. Love the processing. 🙂 Favourites are your bike against that tower and the buddha, of course. Unsettling in terms of weather and worldwide news, or on a more personal level?

    • northumbrianlight · November 5, 2015

      Many thanks Jo – personal stuff but me and the good lady KOBO as Churchill would say 😉

  4. socialbridge · November 5, 2015

    Stunning photos, Robin. Hope the unsettledness settles. xx

    • northumbrianlight · November 5, 2015

      Many thanks Jean – it is good to be back home. Part of it was driving over 1000 miles last week. I enjoy being on 2 wheels more than the 4 – four wheels moves the body, two wheels move the soul, as they say 🙂 ❤

  5. Leya · November 6, 2015

    Fine set of photos – love your bike and the Buddha. Unsettling – hopefully settled now. I recommend a settling book: Siddharta by Herman Hesse.

    • northumbrianlight · November 7, 2015

      Many thanks Leya – I was introduced to Hesse in my long ago hippy years. I enjoyed Siddharta but didn’t get beyond the first 50 pages of The Glass Bead Game – maybe I would get it now as an older and ‘wiser’ person 🙂

      • Leya · November 7, 2015

        Maybe…I have to reread some of the old novels as well. I had to struggle with some Russians, but…if you get through the first 50 pages you are usually safe.

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