Fascinating facts …

On Saturday, under fine Northumbrian skies, we completed a 98 mile round trip to Alnwick and Alnmouth in the Elise – roof off all the way.  First stop was a too infrequent visit to the glorious Barter Books housed in old Alnwick Station and then, after lunch, a drive to nearby Alnmouth for a meander along the beach. This was my sort of walk; out along the seashore and then back above the sands skirting two golf courses: The Foxton and Alnmouth Village.

My excuse for these less than fascinating facts is that I tend to use this blog as a personal diary but it does put me in mind of this recent letter to The Oldie Magazine:

I haven’t got a computer, but I was told about Facebook and Twitter, and am trying to make friends outside Facebook and Twitter while applying the same principles.

Every day, I walk down the street and tell passers-by what I have eaten, how I feel, what I have done the night before and what I will do for the rest of the day.  I give them pictures of my wife, my daughter, my dog and me gardening and on holiday, spending time by the pool. I also listen to their conversations, tell them I “like” them and give them my opinion on every subject that interests me … whether it interests them or not.

And it works.  I already have four people following me: two police officers, a social worker and a psychiatrist.

Peter White, Derbyshire.

Of course, none of the above applies to WordPress but I hope you “like” and enjoy this post 😀

... at Alnmouth

... Alnmouth beach


  1. Graham Stephen · August 16, 2015

    Some lovely decay!

  2. LaVagabonde · August 16, 2015

    Hahaha. That letter is brilliant. Love the paw print in the second photo.

  3. Sue · August 16, 2015

    Love the decay in those images! The letter is priceless…..

    • northumbrianlight · August 17, 2015

      Thanks Sue – I should make it clear, I don’t read The Oldie – the letter was reproduced in The Week. Everything from Saga also immediately goes in the bin 🙂

      • Sue · August 17, 2015

        😀😀 hadn’t entered my head, thought you saw it online via something else!

      • northumbrianlight · August 17, 2015

        And on a similar topic – I keep receiving unsolicited emails about saving on funeral costs – what do these people know that I don’t!

  4. Scott Marshall · August 16, 2015

    in bits (lengthy laughter here)

  5. Su Leslie · August 16, 2015

    Great images. And the letter is just brilliant.

    • northumbrianlight · August 17, 2015

      Many thanks Su – very clever isn’t it – I bet he submitted by email though 😉

  6. Thom Hickey · August 17, 2015

    Thanks. That makes me very nostalgic for the Alnmouth breezes! Regards Thom.

    • northumbrianlight · August 17, 2015

      There were a surprising number of people near the village end of the beach with plenty of kids in the sea. I tried the North Sea at Bamburgh once – never again!

      • Thom Hickey · August 17, 2015

        I usually risk a paddle! Thom.

  7. easyweimaraner · August 17, 2015

    well at least there is no troll amongst his followers, well done :o)

  8. greenmackenzie · August 17, 2015

    Very funny and delightful…it looks like a beautiful beach

  9. socialbridge · August 17, 2015

    Robin, the letter says it all!

    Love the beach photos.

    • northumbrianlight · August 18, 2015

      Thanks Jean – I have been in that North Sea water just the once – never again!
      You would love it 🙂

      • socialbridge · August 18, 2015

        I’d certainly be prepared to give it a go. Looks lovely!

  10. Leya · August 21, 2015

    Lovely decay and colours. The paw is great…just how great? The letter is priceless.

  11. restlessjo · August 22, 2015

    I do! In fact, I did 🙂

    • northumbrianlight · August 23, 2015

      Thanks Jo but which of the four followers are you – the psychiatrist? 🙂

      • restlessjo · August 23, 2015

        The one with the poor memory who can’t remember what ‘I did’ yesterday 🙂

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